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The drone services market is new, exciting, and full of promises, but investing in new technologies can be overwhelming and expensive.  It can be difficult to find a partner who listens, understands your needs, and can provide the services you require. When it comes to aerial photography, inspections, mapping, and 3D Modeling, PAAP Drones has the Professionals you require. When you partner with PAAP Drones you can expect:

  • Depth: Our Pilots excel at their craft.  All PAAP pilots have been flying more than 15 years and hold multiple certifications in manned and unmanned aircraft.

  • Breadth:  PAAP Drones was one of the first FAA certified drone companies in Minnesota.  Since then we have garnered experience across a wide range of aerial applications and built partnerships with experts.  Whether you’re looking for high resolution 3D models of your facilities, beautiful shots of a lakefront property, or roofing inspections, our experience will ensure your success.  

  • Safety:  Drones are “aircraft” and are regulated by the FAA.  Unsafe flights can result in fines, damage, injury, or worse.  Our pilots have the skills, FAA knowledge, and crew resource management needed to manage risk and keep our communities safe.

  • Availability: The FAA requires that pilots have proper authorization to enter controlled airspace, and much of the Minneapolis metro is in controlled airspace.  PAAP Drones has current and active authorization in all metro airspaces, with some limitations.

Desire consistency and availability?  PAAP Drones works with partners to develop Service Level Agreements for organizations with a high volume of projects and assignments.

Interested in setting up a Case Study or Proof of Concept?  Our team includes experienced Project Managers that will guide you through requirements, expectations, execution, and delivery, to get you the data you need to make an informed decision.

PAAP Drones - your partner in advanced aerial photography.

Roofing Inspection After Wind Damage