Winter is Upon Us!

With nearly 200 missions flown between May and early November, it was a busy summer for our pilots and drones.  As the leaves fall and the grass turns brown, we have fewer requests for marketing photography, but it’s the perfect season for mapping, 3D modeling of buildings (used for security plans, management, etc) and construction!   The NOAA 90 day outlook was released today and we're forecasted to have a slightly colder and snowier winter than average.  Get your projects done early to avoid snow delays!


What do Drone Pilots do in the Winter?

At PAAP Drones we dedicate part of our winter to selecting our new hardware for the upcoming year.  Did you know on average we purchase a new aircraft or a new sensor every 6 months?  As technologists, we also spend time in the winter focusing on research and improving our products.  This winter we’re focused on integrating Sentera sensors into our water management products.  Look for future articles and white papers on NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) and NDWI (normalized difference water index) uses.  We’ll also be releasing information on the utility of the Sentera fixed wing Phoenix for GIS mapping.


Thinking of starting your own drone program?  

Now is the time to begin planning!  Spend the cold winter months completing 107 training and licensing for your pilots, learning the basics of flight (we have indoor trainers!), selecting your hardware configurations (drone and accessories), and planning for your operational expectations.  With professional FAA Certified Flight Instructors on staff, PAAP Drones is uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional training and consultation to your organization.

Stay warm!