PAAP Drones Awarded Apple Valley 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of our country, and at PAAP Drones we are excited to be part of the team!  Last week, the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce selected PAAP Drones as the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year.  With so many wonderful businesses in such a great city, it was an honor!

Our PAAP Drone pilots have been flying “drones” for more than 15 years, beginning with Christina and Nick flying the hot dog blimp at UND Sioux Hockey Games!  When Christina started PAAP Drones in 2015, she was looking to expand her passion for aviation into a workable business model, just as the FAA was beginning to regulate drone use.  PAAP Drones was one of the first licensed drone companies in Minnesota and continues to be at the leading edge of technology, reliability, and service in the Minnesota drone community.  

As many realtors, engineering firms, and the 48% of employed Americans who work in small businesses (according to the US SBA) are aware, running a small business isn’t easy.  We often run at tight margins, spend a lot of our “free time” (usually 9-11pm) doing work, we’re always looking for leads, and we rarely turn off our phones.   But, we love it.  As small business owners, we have the chance to follow our passion, we get the satisfaction of engaging with clients and delivering exceptional service, and perhaps most importantly, we are able to build our business with a focus on our families.  

We hope that you enjoy working with PAAP Drones as much as we enjoy the work that we do!