License and Registration, Please.

In the drone industry there has been a lot of discussion about how to keep the skies safe and whose responsibility it is: Local law enforcement, the FAA, MNDoT?  To date there hasn’t been clear guidance on who is going to  “catch” unlicensed commercial drone pilots and what they’re going to do.  Remember, a drone flight is considered to be commercial if it is done for the furtherance of a business, whether or not money is exchanged.  There have already been fines for unlicensed drone use (one was $200k) but whether a hiring organization (the Realtor) holds responsibility for hiring an unlicensed pilot has been murky.  Last week the FAA put out a pretty bold: YES

Computers and cellphones have been around for a long time….longer than most millennials.  Think about how many times this week your computer or phone did something weird - it shut off, gave you a blue screen, displayed some weird error, or got a virus.  Drones are essentially flying computers and you want someone who knows how to keep everyone safe.  

Think about it in terms of using a licensed real estate agent.   

Would you trust a friend who loves HGTV to sell your house?  No.  It’s also illegal in Minnesota to sell your friend’s house without a real estate license.  Should you trust a friend to fly a drone and get some pictures for you, without an FAA license?  No. And that is illegal too.  

If you’re looking to hire a drone pilot, check out our article that outlines what you should ask your potential partner here.

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