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Mapping Services

Pix4D Certified

Photos start at $150, Maps at $325

  • Right of Way, Documemation, and Progress Photos
  • Mapping services
  • Orthomosaic, 3D Models
  • Exports compatible with ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Google Earth & more  

Multispectral Sensing

  • NIR, NDRE, NDVI and NDWI exports
  • Plant health, tree degradation
  • Drought monitoring
  • Shoreline monitoring
  • Pond Surface Algae monitoring
3d map

Aerial Photography

Packages Start at $150

All photos includes free post-processing with color-correction edits.  Blue skies, voice over and advanced editing available upon request!

Research Partnerships

  • Multispectral sensing
  • Conservation
  • High-fidelity mapping data acquisition